OptiportAudio offer a number of expert audio and visual services. Often our primary task is to review existing systems. The most common problem we are asked to rectify is amplifier load mismatch following an audio installation by an electrician. This usually results in the systems cutting out or at worst, the destruction of the amplifier and speakers.

Latest Technology: is the control of AV via IP. Optiport and its partners can demonstrate the very latest in remote control over IP technology click here to view contact 01539 737303/727878 and

OptiportAudio make sure:

  • We focus on your requirement: is it speech pa, background music, full club sound system.
  • We aim to meet your budget, using the best products available
  • We want to deliver the best sound quality and we take this seriously. This means considering the room and how reflective or reverberant the room is. Sometimes the room may require absorbent panels, but by use of good quality components and good practice we can minimise feedback and maintain the highest quality audio reproduction.
  • Optiport-audio also provide domestic audio video solutions. We can advise you on the best wireless (wifi and bluetooth ) and how to integrate audio and visual products
  • Why we get called click here

Basic Range

An affordable install package,

  • mixer amp
  • 2 speaker system
  • radio mic
  • installed
  • £900

Wireless Mic

From £200

HiFi Reciever

Superb quality, wireless connectivity, bluetooth and wifi.

Mixer Amps

Power Amps




Cables & connectors

Let’s build something together.

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