Why Us?


Why do clients call us?

With regard to installation the main reasons OptiportAudio are called are :

To specify a new audio or video install( i.e what do you want) :

In order to do this we need to consider

1, How it is going to be used i.e j

Is it just to replay music or tv? or do you want wireless control.

Or possibly a system to provide a microphone pa or voiceover or emergency pa

2, Smart AV. OptiportAudio use premium products for all office, conference and communication systems wirelessley.

3, Do you want to control it all from your phone or ipad?

It is becoming more prevalent that people use their ipad, phone as well as their laptop, so communication systems have to be fully integrated

Fact : Did you know that it would take a minimum of 12 different cables to communicate with all devices currently available. This creates major problems for people running AV conference suites.

 We provide a very simple solution that any device can log into

3,Repairing Faults: By far the largest call outs is for the incorrect installation of equipment. Namely wiring too many speakers to one amp causing load problems and thermal cut out.

Using domestic not commercial products. Finally not writing operational procedures and ensuring only trained people are allowed to use it

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