Case Studies

Included in this section are pictures of installations and occasions where Optiport-Audio were requested to provide a solution. All the equipment shown is our or our installation.

Our aim is to provide the best quality and simplest to use equipment

Windermere Jetty

HRH Prince Charles.
For the official opening of The Jetty in Windermere , Optiport-Audio were hired in to provide a high quality audio system.
Using just two KV2 ESD 10 speakers together with a studiomaster mini mixer and a well shielded microphone, we were able a superb rich, well defined high quality audio system , which captured the depth and gravity of HRH Prince Charles voice, whilst contending with a stiff breeze blowing off Windermere

Lighting Up St Marks

Using projection mapping Optiport-Audio “painted” the tower of St Marks church with art worked produced by the children of St Marks School. The images were all laid down to a heavy beat from powerful but detailed pa system

Fix it !

Optiport-audio have the tools, qualifications, skills and abilities to investigate, repair or offer a solution to your audio and video installation problems. You may be surprised to know that an electrician is not the got solution for this. It is a mixture of electronic knowledge, electrical knowledge and time served under standing of room acoustics and audio systems. We have solved problems for Wigan Rugby Union, St Marks Church and Schools, St Georges Church, Dean Gibson school, Castle Green Schools, Abbot Hall, Kendal Climbing Club, Carus Green Gold Club

Microphone Hire

Microphone hire and install is one of most common thing we are asked for. We aim do use good quality budget microphones for most cases. The latest Sennheiser wireless budget microphones are incredibly good value for money. A lot of microphone hire is seasonal – pantomime time. call 01539 727878

Charity Event

Optiport-Audio were approached by a fashion company to provide equipment and technical support, Optiport-Audio supported the charity with a lot of free time in production and scene development. The night owed a lot to the models who were timed perfectly . The night raised 18,000

Audio Test

often when surveying a sound system optiport-audio have to wade through reams of cable and work out the loading for the system. Usually its a mess, often a mixture of domestic with commercial audio. Optiport-Audio will provide a detailed report of the system and offer a solution. on all of our solutions we provide a detailed wiring plan


Optiport-audio tend to get involved in parties when you require some specific colour and style in your design ( see above and below)

Large Scale AV installation

Optiport-Audio were the company involved in the design of the audio and visual systems for Kendal Rugby Club. The entire system -8 zones, both inside and out is controlled via i pad. it ha build in audio drives storing 2TB of music. There are 8 video outputs that can be sent to from 8 different sources. It is important that the design people under stand the use of any function room in order to counter over reflective surfaces in rooms which may muddle sound.

The systems used were incredibly high quality KV2 systems and amplifiers . Optiport-Audio would run the Kendal firework evenings. In order to do this we would bolster the outdoor system with our own 8 speaker 8,000 systems to provide a rich and deep audio experience in sync with the fireworks

Pro Audio Equipment

Optiport-Audio love to unwrap new products, we try to keep a good stock of all types of equipment for hire. We also sell leads for guitar amps, speakers and line level. We distribute Van Damme cables and are happy to help you with a repair

Corporate Event

Optiport-Audio often get called in to add an audio system plus lights, for guest DJ’s to use at corporate events

Budget Install

The budget install, we aim to do this at the lowest possible price but still using equipment that is reliable. With each system we put in, we will write training documents and spend time going over the products so that you understand the operation.

If you would like a quote for a budget system for install contact Adrian on 01539 727878 or 01539 737303 or mob 07799626406

During the Kendal Mountain Festival, Optiport-Audio were required to provide a dynamic up lifting pa system that could be used for a private disco party. The also requested subtle colour change mixed with sharp coloured shapes

We were able to set up the system and shown them how the hire worked. We cleared it promptly the next morning

Project Name

A description of the project and the works presented.

Let’s build something together.

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