Optiport-Audio have a number of ideas for you. Do you have a record collection? made up of a number 45’s, 33 and possibly 78 rps records. Well we have the ideal product for you not only can you by a superb hi quality precision engineered record player, but you can also record from it using a laptop. As an added benefit to we will also install it for you

Now before we go any further you will need an amplifier and speakers. However you don’t require a special “phono connection” on your amplifier, as the record player we supply is designed to let you plug into to any aux or line in input such as a cd input on your amplifier. Don’t have an amplifier or speakers- we can sort that as well.

AV Install

OptiportAudio offer two key system to enable you to present you data, or to make your meeting room accessible to participants

The are :

The matrix, typically used for a single room and :

The multiroom this enables sources and dislays to be configured using encoders and decoders using your network. This means you don’t need a matrix but the much smaller encoders which then couple, via the network, with the decoders that typically sit on the back of a screen or projector

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AV-IP The future of AV Install

As we are all aware the pace of modern technological advancement has been almost exponential. No sooner have we installed and become used to one product, then another item arrives on the scence.

It appears that the days of the AV specialist integrator as we know it are numbered. The way forward i going to be an IT path. However whilst it is safe to say that IT professionals will have the skills set to implement software changes. The will have none of the AV skills, particularly the audio knowledge. The advantages also mean that the systems is totally scaleable, not limited by a matrix. Also no special network system is required. All that is required are encoders and decoders for each device. Optiport work closely with their international partners. We are happy to demonstrate our systems to you at your location

There now comes an extensive period of retraining and knowledge development. Optiport- Audio partners schools, colleges and organisation to provide for the new AV over IP systems and training


Optiport-Audio were requested to install new audio and video systems in a school in Kendal Cumbria.

The school had used a very good quality audio system based around a Denon amplifier and Wharfedale install speakers. The system was mostly used for playing music by CD during assembly or for productions. The video side was provided for by a projector. This was mostly used to provide stills and images through a wall mounted VGA connection. Unfortunately the projector did not have an HDMI input. The system was now tired , non of the speakers worked properly

The Brief: The school wanted to use wifi and bluetooth connectivity. There was good wifi in the room. If possible they wanted to use an app to control the system. This also applied to the video side.

By the use of a small box such as the Via Go we are able to provide remote, wireless transmission of audio, pictures and video from a phone, tablet or laptop. TheWi system supplied consisted of:

1 , 2 x 100w high power amplifier with Bluetooth& Wifi connectivity, usb inputs, 4 rca inputs.

2, 1 x CD player

3, 4 Hi Fi quality wall mounted speakers

4, Wireless App controlled interface box to control projector, with audio output

All documents and training were provided

For AV installation advice and quotes contact: Optiport-Audio 59C Stramongate Kendal LA9 4BH Tel 01539 737303, 01539 727878, 07799626406 email adrian@optiport-audio.com,



Do you require affordable audio & av? Optiport-Audio based in the South Lakes, Cumbria offer “basic” pa and av hire & install at affordable prices:


Optiport-Audio can hire a single speaker with stand and microphone from £30 including VAT or deliver it locally and collect it. For £50.inc VAT


Optiport-Audio can install simple two speaker systems with mixer amp and microphone for around £900 fully installed

Optiport-Audio offers complete system hire for :

Conferences systems:

  • 2 x speakers
  • 2 x radio mics
  • 1 x mixer
  • 1 engineer
  • includes delivery and removal

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