Optiport-Audio have a number of ideas for you. Do you have a record collection? made up of a number 45’s, 33 and possibly 78 rps records. Well we have the ideal product for you not only can you by a superb hi quality precision engineered record player, but you can also record from it using a laptop. As an added benefit to we will also install it for you

Now before we go any further you will need an amplifier and speakers. However you don’t require a special “phono connection” on your amplifier, as the record player we supply is designed to let you plug into to any aux or line in input such as a cd input on your amplifier. Don’t have an amplifier or speakers- we can sort that as well.

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I have a back ground in applied chemistry and air and water pollution control. I have worked in the areas of stack emission monitoring, turbine testing, landfill monitoring.. More recently i have moved into Air quality monitoring, and air dispersion modelling as well as odour monitoring. Very recently we have seen growth in indoor air quality monitoring and home monitoring. I am big believer in deriving testing from legislation and method. Therefore we will never supply an un proven technology. Our motto is " The Method Defines The Result"

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