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OptiportAudio offer two key system to enable you to present you data, or to make your meeting room accessible to participants

The are :

The matrix, typically used for a single room and :

The multiroom this enables sources and dislays to be configured using encoders and decoders using your network. This means you don’t need a matrix but the much smaller encoders which then couple, via the network, with the decoders that typically sit on the back of a screen or projector

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Published by adrian@em-monitors.co.uk

I have a back ground in applied chemistry and air and water pollution control. I have worked in the areas of stack emission monitoring, turbine testing, landfill monitoring.. More recently i have moved into Air quality monitoring, and air dispersion modelling as well as odour monitoring. Very recently we have seen growth in indoor air quality monitoring and home monitoring. I am big believer in deriving testing from legislation and method. Therefore we will never supply an un proven technology. Our motto is " The Method Defines The Result"

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