Optiport-Audio were requested to install new audio and video systems in a school in Kendal Cumbria.

The school had used a very good quality audio system based around a Denon amplifier and Wharfedale install speakers. The system was mostly used for playing music by CD during assembly or for productions. The video side was provided for by a projector. This was mostly used to provide stills and images through a wall mounted VGA connection. Unfortunately the projector did not have an HDMI input. The system was now tired , non of the speakers worked properly

The Brief: The school wanted to use wifi and bluetooth connectivity. There was good wifi in the room. If possible they wanted to use an app to control the system. This also applied to the video side.

By the use of a small box such as the Via Go we are able to provide remote, wireless transmission of audio, pictures and video from a phone, tablet or laptop. TheWi system supplied consisted of:

1 , 2 x 100w high power amplifier with Bluetooth& Wifi connectivity, usb inputs, 4 rca inputs.

2, 1 x CD player

3, 4 Hi Fi quality wall mounted speakers

4, Wireless App controlled interface box to control projector, with audio output

All documents and training were provided

For AV installation advice and quotes contact: Optiport-Audio 59C Stramongate Kendal LA9 4BH Tel 01539 737303, 01539 727878, 07799626406 email,

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