Do you require affordable audio & av? Optiport-Audio based in the South Lakes, Cumbria offer “basic” pa and av hire & install at affordable prices:


Optiport-Audio can hire a single speaker with stand and microphone from £30 including VAT or deliver it locally and collect it. For £ VAT


Optiport-Audio can install simple two speaker systems with mixer amp and microphone for around £900 fully installed

Optiport-Audio offers complete system hire for :

Conferences systems:

  • 2 x speakers
  • 2 x radio mics
  • 1 x mixer
  • 1 engineer
  • includes delivery and removal

Ask about our wireless screen options

Ask about our outdoor pa systems

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I have a back ground in applied chemistry and air and water pollution control. I have worked in the areas of stack emission monitoring, turbine testing, landfill monitoring.. More recently i have moved into Air quality monitoring, and air dispersion modelling as well as odour monitoring. Very recently we have seen growth in indoor air quality monitoring and home monitoring. I am big believer in deriving testing from legislation and method. Therefore we will never supply an un proven technology. Our motto is " The Method Defines The Result"

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